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YouTubers make (even the successful ones)...
Give Me Just 90 Days And I'll Have You Doing Your Own 4,5 or Even 6 Figure Product Launches On Youtube
My "Revolution 6-90" Group Coaching Program will help you create and launch your own DIGITAL PRODUCTS to your audience and earn up to 10-100x more than the average YouTuber!
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Help You Do a Product Launch:
"Want to Be Making $6,000 /mo
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"I've sold over $2 Million worth of digital products online in the past few years alone. Let me help you create and launch your own products over the next 90 days. Our first goal will be to get you to $6k per month..." - Peter
Take a Look Inside:
  • Step by Step Video Training Over the next 12 weeks, reveals the secrets behind how I'm able to create consistent 6 figure launches.
  • How to find your niche, and will it be profitable?
  • How to use "idea extraction" to come up with HOT product ideas that are guaranteed to sell, every time.
  • How to deal with friends and family who WILL start to get jealous of your success, and how to leverage that as fuel to CRUSH your income goals.
  • How to come up with irresistible products that your customers LOVE to buy.
  • The exact high converting sales funnel I use on EVERY launch that's responsible for multiple millions in sales, and how to adapt it to your business.
  • How to create high quality products in a weekend.
  • How to create video courses, ebooks, and even software products without getting screwed or losing a lot of money in the process.
  • How to create a membership site that delivers your products to your customers while cross-selling your other products and increasing your average value per customer.
  • How to write compelling sales copy that will have people tripping over themselves to buy whatever you decide to sell.
  • How to create your "customer avatar" and develop deep psychological triggers that can be embedded in your sales message that convince your prospects that your product is the "perfect solution" to their problem. When this happens, cost won't be an obstacle.
  • How to create jaw dropping sales videos that keep your viewers glued to the screen and eventually pulling out their wallet to buy.
  • How to create your product launch and funnel pages and the exact tools I use in my business to create mine.
  • How to get fresh leads into your product launch funnel and how to build maximum buzz around your launch.
  • How to get the top affiliates in your niche running to promote your products, even if you're brand new and no one has ever heard of you.
  • How to launch your product and start taking payments without getting your PayPal account frozen in the middle of a launch.
  • How to evergreen your entire launch so it continues to generate sales every single day even when the launch is over.
Some of my earnings from
launching my own products:
(My results and my example student's results are not typical. Your results depend on many factors such as your ability to follow directions, work ethic and level of commitment.)
Some of my students who are crushing it with their own launches:
"Last month I profited $5344 online and I'm just getting started"
Marouane Bembli -
(also part of Tube Amplify test group!)
"5 hours into my first launch. It was a rush of emotion" ($2,075 in sales in first 5 hrs)
Ron Hogue - Camtasia Mastery
(click the image to enlarge - it's easier to see)
"I've sold over $400k of my software since learning from Peter..."
Tony E - WP Software Vendor
“100% Money Back Guarantee”
Click the Button Below to Have Peter 
Help You Do a Product Launch:
Some Questions You May Have:
So, this is over the next 90 days?
Yes, this is a 90 day program designed to get you results. Every week you'll get a new set of lessons released in the members area telling you exactly what to do that week to keep moving forward towards your first launch. Each week also includes homework that you MUST follow in order to get results. 
Do I get access to you if I need help?
Yes, inside our private FB group you can speak with me AND all of the other REV690 students. Some students have already been through the program and have done a launch, while some are just getting started just like you. If you ever get stuck, just post in there and me or another student will be there to help.
What does this have to do with YouTube?
Building a following on YouTube is just like building an email list. The best way to monetize that list is by creating and launching your own products. YES, you will make money by monetizing your videos or doing brand deals, but selling your own products to your audience is the most lucrative decision you will ever make.
Will this work in my niche?
Are people buying digital products in your niche? Are there brands and companies trying to sell digital products to people in your niche? If so, then YES - ABSOLUTELY! This stuff works in ANY niche. If you answered no to the above, you should rethink your niche anyways ;)
Can you define "digital product"?
Anything delivered online that your customer can either download or have access to over the internet. eBooks, video courses, coaching programs, online and downloadable software programs and even games. These are all examples of digital products. (Tube Amplify - the product you just bought - is a digital product!) - Copyright © 2018 UpLevel Brands LLC - All Rights Reserved